How can the volumetric weighing machine aid with warehouse labor inadequacy?



Today, several warehouse and distribution centers are running on labor inadequacy, and this is because no one loves repeating the same job daily. This is why warehouse and distribution centers face huge labor shortages. To overcome this, you can do two things – the first is to assign different tasks to the employees each day – so they don’t feel bored and turned off. The second way is to automate the iterative tasks so you can ruthlessly give other interesting assignments to your working personnel.
This blog post’s main intent is to help you understand how the volumetric weighing machine can aid warehouse labor inadequacy.

So, in what way the labor inadequacy can be reduced in your warehouse?

Recently several warehouses have been overburdened in delivering products to customers’ doorstep due to the emergence of online eCommerce. And this has compelled several eCommerce warehouses and logistics proprietors to hire new employees to perform several warehouse activities. But here is where the real problem exists. When employees are hired to perform different jobs, some warehouse chores will find facile, and some will discover those works more tiresome, which would later turn into a stumbling block – labor inadequacy can be one among many stumbling blocks.
To match this in a real-time example, imagine how hard it would be to move many parcels from one place to another internally in the warehouse. The main aim of shifting various parcels is to manage warehouse space. This can be a major stumbling block for the warehouse employees as they need to move to multiple places carrying packages which is more maddening.
Now imagine another situation where you’re working as a warehouse employee; the daily chore you do is to calibrate the dimensional information of regular and irregular-shaped parcels and manually enter those dimensional details into the laptop. Unfortunately, for most employees utilizing the tape and ruler can be too frustrating. From the business perspective, when an employee calibrates the dimensional information, there is no guarantee that the person will enter the accurate value. This could create a massive mess during shipment time, where you must face expensive shipping chargebacks due to incorrect dimensioning information. And here is where the role of the volumetric weighing machine enters the picture

So what is a volumetric weighing machine?

The volumetric weighing machine is the dimensioning equipment designed to capture parcel information such as parcel dimensions, weight, barcode information, and parcel photographs. With these volumetric weighing machines, you can integrate other devices such as barcode scanners, label printers, weighing scales, and other WMS, ERP, TMS, and other shipping software.

How can volumetric weighing machines aid with labor inadequacy?

Everyone enjoys a variety of work to do each day, but have you ever wondered how doing tiresome work could directly affect labor inadequacy?
Here is an example of a situation that practically all workers in a warehouse or fulfillment center would see on a daily basis: utilizing a tape measure and ruler to calibrate the dimensions and weight of thousands of packages. (as already mentioned above)
Consider how difficult it would be to record the parcel information after quickly calibrating hundreds of parcels/packages manually. What if the values are inaccurate? Without a doubt, there is no other option except to incur expensive claims and chargebacks.
Deploying a Volumetric weighing machine is the only way that lets you dimension, weighs, scan, and take parcel photos simultaneously. Guess what’s wonderful about that? You may ruthlessly eliminate labor shortages and increase workplace productivity by giving your warehouse personnel a variety of other enjoyable tasks rather than dimensioning regular and irregular-shaped parcels.
In addition to labor inadequacy, below are some of the benefits the volumetric weighing machine can provide:
  • Ultra-fast and accurate dimensioning
  • Improved slotting and cartonization
  • Eliminate shipping cost
  • High-level quality control

Final lines

As the growth rate of internet orders rises, warehouse staff must work quickly to finish their tasks within a projected timeframe. Automating various monotonous tasks can help reduce labor shortages as you can provide warehouse employees with other interesting and engaging activities and adequately boost your workspace’s productivity. By deploying a volumetric weighing machine, you can help your warehouse employees perform various tasks and improve your workspace productivity by manifolds.

Are you someone who is on the lookout to cut labor shortages and boost warehouse productivity by accurately calibrating the dimensioning and weight information? vMeasure volumetric weighing machine would be a one-stop solution to dimension, weigh, scan, and capture parcel photographs in one go! Get in touch with us.

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